Wall & Floor Sawing Services

Find out more about our wall & floor sawing services and specs:

Wall Sawing

The Diamond Wall Saw has a variety of uses including cutting off or reducing sections of reinforced concrete walls to forming doors, escalator or lift shaft openings.

Lightweight and easily transportable components ensure diamond wall sawing is capable in multi-storey buildings and on either walls or floors up to depths of 700mm. This equipment has flush cutting capabilities and therefore providing tight cutting up to parallel walls and floors.

Diamond Wire Sawing

The diamond wire saw is highly effective for cutting extremely thick and heavily reinforced structures. This machine excels in sensitive areas due to portability, very low noise and low vibration levels.

A thin, diamond-bead impregnated wire is threaded through a pre-drilled hole in the structure. The wire is run through a series of pulleys and around a powered feed wheel, where it can then easily be pulled through the concrete structure like a cheese wire.

Floor Sawing

Floor Sawing (Diesel Powered)

Cutting of reinforced concrete or asphalt gives clean and straight cutting depths of up to 500mm. The floor sawing method is used for cutting the following:

  • Per linear metre separation
  • Straightening rough areas of slabs
  • The perimeter of openings
  • Internal floor areas into sections

Each section can then be lifted out removing the vibration caused by using breakers. Expansion joints in new concrete floors can be formed with cutting widths varying from 3mm – 20mm.

Floor Sawing (Electric Powered)

We operate powerful Electric Floor Saws for internal cutting works. This method of floor sawing is ideally suited for protected environments including hospitals, food or chemical production facilities or heavily populated areas such as shopping centres and offices.

We can achieve depths of 500mm through heavily reinforced concrete floor slabs and ground beams. Although these machines can run diamond blades up to 1500mm diameter, they are designed to fit through standard personnel doors and as a result, minimises access problems. Due to these machines being powered by 415 volt electricity they are operator and environmentally friendly.


Diamond Technique is the most competitive professional concrete cutting contractors in the Midlands. We will carry out a free no obligation site visit and based on our findings/site discussions, submit a fixed price within 24 hours.
We can carry out a full muck away service using waste skips or grab lorries. We can arrange council permits or carry out the waste removal at night if there are access restrictions.
We work closely with our customers and can work on site at times that suit your shift patterns.
We use the latest concrete cutting machines on the market. We have methods of cutting that are fume, noise reduced and vibration free. Water that is used to diminish dust can be successfully controlled and removed. Every type of job is possible!

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