Diamond Drilling

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Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling offers a cost effective way of forming service holes without vibration and as a result, minimising disruption. Therefore we run many different types of core diamond drilling equipment and stock a vast selection of core sizes.

Core drilling is usually a term used for single holes, such as service holes through floors and wall. Normal industry diameters can range from 25mm to 600mm but other sizes both smaller and larger can be carried out.

Hand held electric powered machines are used to drill core sizes from 10mm up to 150mm diameter in restricted access areas, whilst still maintaining precision. Rig mounted machines allow us to drill any cores up to 600mm diameter to any depth, therefore achieving exceptional accuracy.

Diamond drilling cores can be cut through brick and block work using dry diamond core bits with dust extraction or through reinforced concrete. This latter method requires water to cool and lubricate the diamond segments, hence we also use a water collection unit. Both methods are environmentally friendly.

Core Drilling Contractors

Our core service provision of diamond core drilling, comprises mainly of singular holes for mechanical and electrical services passing through floors and walls. Every day Diamond Technique drill many singular service holes of varying diameter and through different depths of multiple materials. We have formed in-excess of 6000 service holes on many large construction contracts throughout the UK.

Core diamond drilling is a quick, clean and vibration free method of cutting concrete. The diamond cuts effortlessly through steel reinforcement so it’s an idea alternative to breaking out a hole. Additionally, diamond drilling is used as a precursor to hydraulic bursting, where holes are formed and the burster head is then inserted to crack large areas of concrete for removal.

Stitch Drilling

Stitch drilling is used to produce large openings through any depth of reinforced concrete. Any shape can be formed by drilling interlocking holes thus severing the material. The industry standard size of core (diameter) used in stitch drilling is 107mm. We are able to cut any sized opening or shape through floors and walls of any thickness, because we can effectively drill a series of holes which overlap each other.

Stitch drilling is an efficient method of removing concrete under controlled conditions. Since using this technique, we have successfully cut openings through or removed many different structures.

This has included:

  • Door openings in heavily reinforced bank vaults
  • Lift shaft openings through tower block floor slabs
  • Reducing the length of pre-cast concrete beams

By cutting larger openings up into manageable sections and lifting out each section as it becomes free, openings in delicate areas can be formed, without the usual vibration associated with conventional demolition processes.

Smaller Openings

Diamond Technique carries out stitch drilling on a daily basis, due to it being very common for new and refurbished construction sites to require smaller openings through floors and walls to allow services such as ductwork to pass through.

Tight Locations

Stitch drilling can be carried out in very tight locations and this allows for openings to be formed without the usual over cutting of material that saw cutting produces. This means depending on the job, stitch drilling is often the only viable method.


Diamond Technique is the most competitive professional concrete cutting contractors in the Midlands. We will carry out a free no obligation site visit and based on our findings/site discussions, submit a fixed price within 24 hours.
We can carry out a full muck away service using waste skips or grab lorries. We can arrange council permits or carry out the waste removal at night if there are access restrictions.
We work closely with our customers and can work on site at times that suit your shift patterns.
We use the latest concrete cutting machines on the market. We have methods of cutting that are fume, noise reduced and vibration free. Water that is used to diminish dust can be successfully controlled and removed. Every type of job is possible!

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