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Diamond Core Drilling


Diamond Drilling offers a cost effective way of forming service holes without vibration. We run many different types of core drilling equipment and stock a vast selection of core sizes.


Hand held electric powered machines are used to drill core sizes from 10mm up to 150mm diameter in restricted access area's whilst still maintaining precision. Rig mounted machines allow us to drill any cores up to 600mm diameter to any depth with accuracy.


Cores can be cut through brick and block work using dry diamond core bits with dust extraction or through reinforced concrete using water to cool and lubricate the diamond segments whilst using a water collection unit. Both methods are environmentally friendly.

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Diamond Stitch Drilling

By drilling a series of holes which overlap each other, we are able to cut any sized opening or shape through floors and walls of any thickness.


Stitch drilling is an effective method of removing concrete under controlled conditions. Using this method we have successfully cut openings through or removed many different structures from door openings in heavily reinforced bank vaults, lift shaft openings through tower block floor slabs, to simply reducing the length of pre-cast concrete beams.


By cutting larger openings up into handleable sections and lifting out each section as it becomes free, openings in delicate area's can be formed without the usual vibration associated with conventional demolition processes.


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